Specialty Manufacturerof Powder
and Granular Material Feeders


For over 70 years Yoshikawa has continued to develop as a business; contributing to society through our expert craftsmanship.
Our Circle Feeder range has provided the solution to numerous businesses operating worldwdie in materials handling, with over 10,000 units sold. In every case,
Yoshikawa consults closely with our clients to address their requirements, before applying our unique circle feeder technology.

Solving materials handling problems
with a unique technology

1.Achieve a beneficial effect with difficult-to-handle materials "Yoshikawa Circle Feeders can handle ANY material"

Yoshikawa Circle Feeders can efficiently handle traditionally difficult-to-handle materials with high-bridging and slugging characteristics.
This includes moist, cohesive, flaky, and lumpy material where other feeders (screw and rotary type) fail.

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2.Protect against material segregation with Yoshikawa's unique circle feeder technology
The unique mass flow feature of the Circle Feeder

Segregation of blended materials is a major quality concern.
Yoshikawa has been working to provide a solution to material segregation for over 20 years.
Our unique circle feeder technology has provided the answer for numerous businesses worldwide.

The result:
Consistent quality of blended materials, and an improved production yield.

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In support of
Yoshikawa's advanced technology

1.Our industry knowledge and experience is built on:

Experience with more than 2000 difficult-to-handle materials.
More than two hundred tests are conducted annually with different material properties.
Over 10,000 units have been delivered worldwide.
Yoshikawa's ongoing commitment to research and development.

2.Finding the solution

We base our system for solving every problem (bridge, flushing, segregation and so on) in regard to the specific characteristics of the material being fed.

  • STEP1

    Pre examination of the material.

    Consider the specification examination for solving the discharge problem based on our extensive experience, industry know-how and database records.

  • STEP2

    Discharge test of the material.

    Conducting the discharge test and checking the material property, then verify the specification of the machine.

  • STEP3

    Pursuit of the ideal specification.

    Includes modification of the test machine if necessary.In pursuit of improved specifications, we sometimes design and manufacture new test equipment.

Versatile Test Facility

We have a versatile test facility for a small feeder that makes it possible to discharge 1g/h and a large feeder (6 meters inlet diameter).

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3.International trust

YOSHIKAWA circle feeder technology can respond to the feeding problems of the world.

Yoshikawa circle feeder technology has provided the solution to numerous domestic and international businesses facing materials handling challenges.
We export to over 30 countries, including the USA and those in the EU.
The "Circle Feeder" name is a registered trademark in more than thirty countries including Japan, with patents and patents pending both in Japan and overseas.


Create a strength
YOSHIKAWA's vision

Since our inception, YOSHIKAWA has strived to develop expert machinery for the benefit of society in general.
This is our founding principle.

Our business was originally involved in electronics and plating but has changed and evolved over time.
We moved forward to the manufacture of conveyance apparatus and laborsaving equipment and finally to the present manufacture of powder & bulk solid processing equipment. Yet, our commitment to developing technology and machinery that are a benefit to wider society remains unchanged.
Our wish is to develop original technology that challenges and overcomes unsolved hurdles, and contributes to the advancement of society - led to the shifting of our business in 1975 from ironwork to the present manufacture of powder & bulk solids feeders.
As industry develops, diverse new challenges arise. In regards to the successful feeding of powder & bulk solid materials, Yoshikawa has provided the solution to a number of these challenges.

YOSHIKAWA will keep tackling challenges to make the impossible possible.

In response to the increasing need for improved quality, labor saving technology and cost reduction for all products, we provide the solution by applying our engineering know-how and continued focus on research and development.
We cultivate and improve our technology ahead of time to produce tomorrow's quality products today.
Yoshikawa products are marketed in twenty-eight countries.Tackling challenges to make the impossible possible, we are ambitious to expand our contribution to the development of tomorrow's society.


Please feel free to contact us for a consultation, inquiry, or request for a quotation regarding our products.
We also accept inquiries by phone or fax.


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