Specialty Manufacturerof Powder
and Granular Material Feeders



Powdered Material Testing Service

We conduct various tests with materials received from our customers.
Presence/absence of bridging and/or segregation, and feeding accuracy can be confirmed with the actual powdered material.
If you have a material you want tested, contact us via this site.
If the material to be tested cannot be taken outside your site, please consult with us.

A Look at Testing in Action

Powders can be extremely difficult to handle. There are countless factors in powders that can cause problems, including differences in properties arising from production locations and processes, changes in characteristics and cohesion caused by humidity, varieties in shape and bulk density, as well as mixed products of different powders having unique characteristics.
Changes in characteristics that are particular to each feeder or the shape of the hopper are also important factors to be considered.
At Yoshikawa, we provide a variety of feeders, hoppers and measuring instruments to carry out more than 100 tests yearly, using the actual powdered materials to be fed, to determine the ideal feeder specifications.

  1. モニター構成例
  2. ホッパー上部映像例

Proposal for Free-of-Charge Live Test Service

Live Test Service

Online test with powder and granular materials

You can watch the testing and data in real time.

  • Free testing
  • Live-stream video of test and data
  • Traveling time and expenses saved
  1. Example of monitor composition
    Example of monitor composition
  2. Example of hopper top-view
    Example of hopper top-view
  3. Example of equipment view
    Example of equipment view
  4. Example view of discharge in process
    Example view of discharge in process
Test Equipment
  • Test Room 327 square meters
  • Feeders and hoppers
  • A wide variety of feeders, from 100 to 6000 mm in inlet diameter, are available for testing.
  • Batch measuring unit
  • Loss-in-weight feeding test equipment
  • Flocculant dissolution unit
  • Local dust collector
Powder tester


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