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Yoshikawa Products Sales Trends

The elimination of bridging and the prevention of segregation have increased domestic and overseas demand.

In the past several years, Yoshikawa’s sales have been to increasing percentages of storage and feeding facilities related to functional ingredients and advanced technology, in a wide variety of industries.

Examples include a rechargeable battery production facility that requires high functionality and feeding precision, a highly efficient coal-fired thermal power plant that requires long-term stable operation and high reliability, and a sewage sludge fuelization system.
Here is more evidence that the features of Circle Feeders and other Yoshikawa products, including the elimination of bridging and the prevention of segregation, have been widely recognized.
This recognition is increasing overseas, as well as domestically. There are now overseas delivery destinations for Yoshikawa products in over 30 countries, accounting for more than 25% of our sales.
Problems with the bridging of difficult-to-discharge materials and with the segregation of mixed materials are common at storage and feeding facilities around the world.
The functionality of Circle Feeders offers the potential to resolve these issues, and increased overseas demand is expected.
Yoshikawa has also been successively introducing new products to the market, for which orders have been received. These products include a compact, high-precision feeder that allows ultra-low rate feeding of 1 gram per hour, and a large tank feeder for large silos with outlet diameters exceeding 6 meters.
We are determined to honor our customers' expectations and trust by understanding the needs of the powder industry, and by resolving each feeder-related issue our customers face through research and innovation.


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