Specialty Manufacturerof Powder
and Granular Material Feeders


Basic Principles

  1. Yoshikawa Corporation adheres to fair trade practice with all customers, and provides quality products and services with a priority on security, satisfaction and trust.
  2. Yoshikawa Corporation never engages in unreasonable business practices, but builds fair and equal trade relationships with all suppliers while conducting business with integrity.
  3. Yoshikawa Corporation always keeps the interests of its shareholders in mind, and fulfills its responsibilities faithfully and with an acute sense of ethics and dedication.
  4. Yoshikawa Corporation employees respect each other’s personal qualities and values, and work to create a healthy workplace environment.
  5. Yoshikawa Corporation is acutely aware that companies cannot grow without the development of communities in which they operate, and aims to develop through community interaction.

Guidelines for Conduct

  1. Yoshikawa Corporation will provide accurate information on products, etc. to customers to ensure safety and satisfaction.
  2. Yoshikawa Corporation will manufacture and offer optimal products for customers based on strict quality control.
  3. In our selection of suppliers, Yoshikawa Corporation will give equitable opportunities to all aspiring suppliers, and will select suppliers fairly.
  4. Employees of Yoshikawa Corporation will not be entertained or accept gifts beyond reasonably modest bounds.
  5. Yoshikawa Corporation recognizes that company property is the source of corporate value generation, and will handle it with care and not behave in a manner that may cause damage.
  6. Yoshikawa Corporation will tightly control information that should be confidential, and will not disclose such info to others without a justifiable reason.
  7. Yoshikawa Corporation understands that intellectual property rights are the lifeblood of business activities, and will exercise the utmost caution to prevent any infringement of intellectual property rights of other companies, as well as protect our own rights.
  8. Yoshikawa Corporation will strive to perform business efficiently and in a responsible manner, in accordance with the law and company rules.
  9. Yoshikawa Corporation will absolutely respect the privacy of individuals and will not violate it without solid justification.
  10. Employees of Yoshikawa Corporation will abide by company rules pertaining to a safe and sound workplace environment, and build a workplace culture of openness.

Organizational Chart for Compliance Structure


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