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  • Bagasse is used for biomass power generation and biofuels.
  • The Loop Feeder is ideal for handling non-uniform, difficult-to-discharge materials such as bagasse.
    • Feeder materials need to be studied as bagasse has a corrosive wear property.
    • Bulk density:γ= 180 ㎏ /m3
    • Optimal feeder for amorphous and difficult-to-discharge materials.


  • Compact metered feederMINI FEEDER

    Comes with an electronic balance,highly accurate to 0.1g.
    Perfect for raw materials with poor fluidity.
    Use to supply additives to granulators and injection molders.

  • PAT.P

    Dedicated large-tank feederMULTI CIRCLE FEEDER

    No bridging and residual material.
    Allows distribution feeding at different capacities.
    Avoids risk of malfunction.

  • PAT

    High precision micro-volume feederMICRO DISCHARGER

    Can supply as little as 1 g/hr.
    Pulseless supply of very small amounts.
    Easy to dissemble and clean.

  • PAT

    Sanitary typeSANITARY TYPE

    Ready to clean in just one minute!
    Prevents briding and segregation.
    For the medical and food product industries.

  • PAT

    Waste Plastics and Biomass Feedstock FeederLOOP FEEDER

    Recommended for feedstock that had previously been abandoned for storage and supply.
    Registered trademark

  • PAT

    Granular (Flocculant) Dissolution ApparatusPOLYMER DISSOLUTION

    Original initial dissolution method.
    Application of a condensation prevention chute.
    YOSHIKAWA technology for tough dissolution.

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