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1.Personal Information

Yoshikawa Corporation (hereinafter YOSHIKAWA) considers trust from its customers to be of first priority, and recognizes that the management and handling of personal information received from customers is an important responsibility. 
In light of the foregoing, YOSHIKAWA will endeavor to protect the personal rights of individual customers by complying with the requirements under the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter GDPR) in the EU, in addition to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information in Japan and guidelines and rules relevant to the Law, in order to protect data relating to personal information that YOSHIKAWA handles in the course of its business.
As used in this privacy policy, personal information shall mean information concerning an individual, including name, company name, department, address, telephone number, email address, records of access to YOSHIKAWA website and other online cookies, including information that does not by itself identify the specific individual, but that allows easy reference to other information by which the individual can be identified.

2.Acquisition of Personal Information

YOSHIKAWA collects personal information by lawful and fair means.
When asking users of YOSHIKAWA website to provide personal information, YOSHIKAWA will disclose in advance the use of the personal information and relevant details. The personal information collected shall be limited to that necessary to achieving the purpose of use within the scope of YOSHIKAWA’s legitimate businesses.

3.Management of Personal Information and Safety Measures

Collected personal information shall be properly managed in a responsible manner by each department that has received it, and YOSHIKAWA will endeavor to prevent personal information from loss, theft, damage, tampering and leakage by implementing measures to protect against unauthorized external access to, and removal of, said personal information. YOSHIKAWA will also make efforts to promote activities to raise information protection awareness among employees who handle personal information.

4.Purpose of Use of Personal Information and Relevant Details

YOSHIKAWA will use personal information only to the extent necessary to accomplish the purposes listed below, related to its business activities centered on the production and sale of feeders.
Without the consent of the individual affected, no personal information shall be used beyond the scope of the following purposes:

  • To conduct business negotiations or work-related meetings with customers 
  • To respond to inquiries and requests for reference materials 
  • For the provision of services and the shipment of YOSHIKAWA’s products 
  • For the development of new products, improvement of product quality, and development of new services
  • To transmit information to customers via e-mail newsletters
  • To transmit announcements and information regarding improvements in products and services
  • For analyses, applied to the management, development and improvement of the YOSHIKAWA website

In addition to the actions permitted by applicable laws and regulations, YOSHIKAWA may share the personal information of customers with its domestic and overseas distributors for a use specified in “Purpose of Use of Personal Information” above.
YOSHIKAWA may also measure the effectiveness of this website and its online advertisements by acquiring and analyzing statistical information concerning users, such as which contents in this website a user has viewed and from which website the user has accessed this website.
Except where permitted by laws and regulations, when handling customers’ personal information for purposes other than those stated above, YOSHIKAWA will inform the customers in advance of the purposes to be added and items required under relevant laws and regulations. 
Consent to this privacy policy by a customer means that the customer has given consent to the handling of his/her personal information by YOSHIKAWA, and that YOSHIKAWA will handle that personal information based on such consent of the customer.
However, customers can withdraw said consent any time.

5.Disclosure, Correction and Deletion of Personal Information

When asked by a customer to disclose, correct or delete personal information in possession of YOSHIKAWA, YOSHIKAWA will disclose, correct or delete the personal information within a reasonable period of time, after an appropriate identity verification procedure.

6.Use of SSL

The entry forms on this website used to receive personal information from customers apply the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) cryptographic system to encrypt and safeguard transmission contents against illicit monitoring by a third party.
Please be forewarned that if a customer uses a browser or mailer that does not support the SSL cryptographic system, transmission contents will not be encrypted and therefore may be read illicitly by a third party.

7.Use of Cookies and Google Analytics

Using cookies and Google Analytics technologies, YOSHIKAWA may analyze the browsing behavior history (statistical information) of its website users.
The acquired statistical information may be used for purposes including improving the usability of YOSHIKAWA’s website and services, and for sales promotions.
You can reject (disable) cookies by doing so on your browser. Please note, however, that with cookies disabled, you may not be able to use some of services offered on YOSHIKAWA website.

8.Links to Websites outside the YOSHIKAWA Website

This privacy policy does not apply to external websites linked to from the YOSHIKAWA website. Please make sure to refer to the privacy policy at each of the linked sites regarding the handling of personal information.

9.Revision of Privacy Policy

YOSHIKAWA will review its privacy policy (protection of personal information) on a regular basis, and may revise the policy where needed in its efforts to improve and enhance it.
Please regularly check this privacy policy page, as announcements will be made on this page when the policy is revised.


Contact the following for comments or requests regarding the handling of your personal information:

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