Specialty Manufacturerof Powder
and Granular Material Feeders



The creation of Yoshikawa products is backed by the latest technology and stringent quality control.

Yoshikawa products are manufactured using advanced production technologies and a reliable quality control system. Meticulously designed Circle Feeders are completed on a production line with the use of precision machinery, technological expertise, and experienced craftsmanship.
Prior to 1994, primary processing such as cutting, rolling and pressing was usually outsourced. In an effort to realize complete in-house production, a laser cutting machine, a vertical bending roller and a press brake were introduced in 1994. The introduction of this equipment enabled integrated manufacturing from material processing to the finished product, creating a more flexible production system.

Equipment Manufacturer / Model No. of Units
Laser cutting machine TRUMPF TruLaser 3030 1 Units
Welding Robots DAIHEN NB4L2 1 Units
Press brake AMADA RG-80 1 Units
Bending roller Matsumoto Seisakusho MBR-Oht 1 Units
Radial drill TOMINAGA RH-1500 1 Units
CNC lathe Okuma LB4000EX 1 Units
Wire electric discharge machine Mitsubishi Electric DIAX BA24 1 Units
2-axis positioner Matsumoto Kikai 4 Units
3-axis positioner LINE WORKS SK3000CL 1 Units
3-axis positioner LINE WORKS NSK1000CL 2 Units
Beveling machine Hataly 1 Units
Overhead traveling crane 2.8 t 22 Units
Steel sheet stocker KITAGAWA SEIKi  KSP 3 Units
Varieties of welders ARC welder / MAG welder / TIG welder  
Pickling tank    

Equipment photos

  • Laser cutting machine
    Laser cutting machine
  • Laser cutting machine
    Laser cutting machine
  • Welding Robots
    Welding Robots
  • Press brake
    Press brake
  • Bending roller
    Bending roller
  • Radial drill
    Radial drill
  • Lathe
  • CNC lathe
    CNC lathe
  • Wire electric discharge machine
    Wire electric discharge machine
  • 2-axis positioner
    2-axis positioner
  • 3-axis positioner
    3-axis positioner
  • Beveling machine
    Beveling machine
  • Overhead traveling crane
    Overhead traveling crane
  • Steel sheet stocker
    Steel sheet stocker


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