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Batch-type steamer equipped with the fundamental functions of steaming and cooling

Steaming and cooling time are reduced through improved design.

  1. Faster steaming and cooling have been enabled.
  2. The residue prevention mechanism means hardly any sweet potato residue remains after use.

The Batch-type Sweet Potato Steamer (CST series) is a unique sweet potato steaming device that operates on the principle of the Circle Feeder applied to the discharge mechanism.
Improved cost efficiency (initial running cost) thanks to its simple construction, and to fewer energy losses peculiar to the batch type.
Compared to conventional models, steaming and cooling times are significantly reduced.


Model CST-40-CV CST-50-CV CST-60-CV
Power source Three-Phase AC 200 / 220 V 50 / 60 Hz
Effective capacity 6.66 m3 8.33 m3 10 m3
Feeding Capability 4 ton / Batch 5 ton / Batch 6 ton / Batch
Materials C / S ・ SUS304
Options Mill/Cooling fan/Gangway ladder/others
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