Specialty Manufacturerof Powder
and Granular Material Feeders



Multi-feeder system exclusive for large silos

rge silo enables stable feeding without bridging

  1. No bridging and residual material
    The unique mechanism achieves stable feeding
  2. Allows distribution feeding at different capacities 
    The feeder section consists of multiple circle feeders
  3. Avoids risk of malfunction
    The use of multiple discharge ports guarantees operation in the event of breakdown
  4. Equipped with a predrying function in the feeder section
    Fuel costs are greatly reduced by use of waste heat (optional specification)

The MCF is suggested for its ability to provide a stable supply from a large-scale silo through the use of multiple feeders.


Model MCF-6000 MCF-8000 MCF-10000
Silo interface caliber 6m 8m 10m
Silo capacity 200m3~1000m3 300m3~2000m3 500m3~5000m3
Number of feeders 3feeders 4feeders 4feeders
  • Specifications are subject to change for improvement or from necessity of properties of material.
  • Silo not included.
  • Manufacturing with special materials also possible depending on standard material C/S and storage tank material.
  • Please inquire if storage capacity not listed above is required.


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