Specialty Manufacturerof Powder
and Granular Material Feeders


Coal Feeder CSF

Specialized feeder for coal.

A feeder designed especially for coal, which is highly corrosive and often difficult to discharge

  1. The Circle Feeder has a solid record of use in successful coal discharge systems.
  2. Costs are reduced by limiting the specifications to focus on coal.
  3. Stable feeding, even if the material is of a rocky form particular to coal.

The Coal Feeder (CSF) is customized for application to coal, thereby aiding functionality and cost reductions.
Type 5000 is the largest model we offer.


Model CSF-1600 CSF-1800 CSF-4500 CSF-5000
Port size 1600 1800 4500 5000
Number of outlet ports 1 1 1 2 1 2
Feeding Capability
Max 50 50 124 248 126 252
Min 1.8 1.8 3.8 7.6 3.8 7.6
  • The primary material is SS400 (SUS304 used in some sections).
  • The motor is a 400 V (200 V) class inverter-driven motor for outdoor use.
  • The capacity can be specified within the range shown in the table, as long as the min/max proportion is one to ten (1:10)
  • CSF-2000/2400/3000/3500/4000 are also available.


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