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LOOP FEEDER® is a registered trademark.

Loop Feeder®


Made it possible to spread out and discharge stably the string materials that are likely to twine around and usually difficult to discharge,amorphous materials such as industrial waste matters.

  • Stable supply of industrial waste and other amorphous materials.
  • Bridge and segregation of materials is prevented.
  • Mass flow and uniform-rate feeding are realized.



Amorphous materials that are dischargeable with Loop Feeder

Cloths and fiber Cloths Plastic bags Rubber wastes Plastic wastes Wood chips Bark
FRP wastes Wire wastes Wood chips



Model LF-1600 ~ LF-3600
Designed feed rate (m3/h) 0.5 ~ 100
By adjusting the inverter from 6 to 60 Hz,
a 1 to 10 control range of the feeding capability.
Approximate weight (kg) 2000 - 9000
Materials C/S or SUS304

LF-2000/2400/3000 type are also available.
The specifications are subject to change for improvement, or from necessity of properties of material.
For more capability, please contact.

  • +81-996-26-3388
  • +81-996-26-3688