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Capable of ultra-low rate feeds of 1 gram per hour.

Low-rate feeding of powders with poor fluidity is realized by applying the principles of the Circle Feeder.

  1. Pulsation-free continuous low-rate feeding is realized.
  2. Less influenced by material pressure.
  3. Accurate feed rate even with materials of poor fluidity.
  4. Replaceable scraper makes a wide range of feed rate.
  5. Effortless disassembling, easy cleaning.

With the principle of the Circle Feeder applied to the continuous volumetric feeder, the Micro Discharger can even feed powders of poor fluidity at a low rate with high precision.


Model MD-120 MD-180
Designed feed rate (ml/min) 0.52 ~ ~ 1667
Materials SUS304
Options scraper, and others
  • Specifications are subject to change for improvement or from necessity of properties of material.
  • A feed rate as low as 1 ml per hour is possible. Contact us for more information.
  • In combination with a measuring unit, low-rate measurement control is also possible (batch type or loss-in-weight type).

Technical Videos

  • High accuracy and a small amount of feeder

    Small-quantity feeding at 1.6 cc/h is made possible. Most suitable for small-quantity feeding of resin additive, etc. with poor fluidity.

  • A small amount of discharging in the hazard area is possible

    Special specification MD which incorporates the loss-in-weight control as well as the pressure resistant and explosion-proof type servomotor.

  • Weighing system of minimum scale 0.1 g

    Batch measuring system with the minimum scale of 0.1 g. With the MD and an electronic balance as a set, measuring and feeding in the range of trace quantity are realized.

  • Bentonite

    Discharge test with bentonite using a Micro Discharger (MD).