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Powder and Granular Material Feeders CF Σ

High-accuracy feeder combined with a volumetric feeder

High accuracy is achieved with a combination of a Circle feeder and a unique volumetric feeder.

  1. Its unique mechanism realizes highly accurate and uniform-rate feeding.
  2. The Discharger, highly effective for the prevention of bridging, discharges to the volumetric feeder with high accuracy.
  3. More than one down-stream is possible with additional discharge ports, each with a different and accurate feed rate.
  4. Feeding instability is prevented while material is being charged.


Uniform-rate feeding of materials with high flowability is realized.


Highly stable feeding of highly adhesive materials realized.

CF s can feed material with an excellently stable rate, and thus continuous and highly accurate feeding possible at low cost.


Model Σ-300 Σ-1000
Designed feed rate (m3/h) 0.01 ~ ~ 10.0
Approximate weight (Kg) 275 610
Materials Stainless steel 304 or carbon steel
# of outlet ports 1 or 2 ports

※CF-Σ500/700 type are also available.

  • Specifications are subject to change for improvement or from necessity of properties of material.
  • A set with a measuring unit has only one discharge port.
  • For more capability, please contact.
  • Contact us if you need three or more discharge ports.

Technical Videos

  • Stable and precise feeding of toner powder

    Even for multicomponent toner powder, stable feeding with low segregation is realized. Dispersion accuracy within ±1% is made possible.

  • Silica

    Discharge test with "silica" (the powder of small particle size with high floodability/fluidity, and with adhesive property). Stable feeding without flushing is confirmed.

  • Black pigment

    Feeding black pigment (carbon black), which is also used for battery material, is required stable feeding and accuracy.

Case study

  • Production Facility of Resin System Foam Agent Heat Insulator

  • Large Type of CF-Σ