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Powder and Granular Material Feeders SANITARY TYPE CS

Excellent in segregation prevention and cleanability

Circle Feeders are actively working in production lines in the world.

Proposal of reasonable standard series (CF-200, 300, 500, 700, 1000 and 1200)
The CIRCLE FEEDER® is a registered trademark in 45 countries.

Ready for cleaning in only one minute !!

  1. Continuously discharge difficult-to-handle materials
  2. Easy disassembling in a short time
  3. Use no gaskets
  4. Complete mass flow, thus first-in/first-out
  5. Eliminate bridging and segregation

In addition to providing the conventional function of the stable feeding of hard-to-feed materials,the Sanitary Circle Feeder is a compact feeder which can be thoroughly and simply cleaned.
This feeder is suitable for use in the production lines of high quality products which require sanitary conditions, such as in the chemistry, food, and pharmaceutical industries.


Model CS-300 CS-700
Designed feed rate (L/h) 96 ~ ~ 5620
Approximate weight (kg) 140 400
Materials Construction SUS304 inner polishing #400 outer polishing #300

※CS-500 type is also available.

  • Specifications are subject to change for improvement or from necessity of properties of material.
  • For more capability, please contact.

Technical Videos

  • Easy to clean (Sanitary Type Circle Feeder)

    Sanitary type Circle Feeder CS with excellent cleaning performance. Ready for cleaning in 1 minute only! Most suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

  • Increasing the demand for the Circle Feeder with casing lift type

    Introduction of the sanitary specifications for measures against contamination and improvement of cleaning performance. Automatic/manual lift type. Improves the cleaning efficiency.

  • Special specification: With swivel function

    Special specifications of sanitary type for pharmaceutical industry CS-600-DH. Prevents segregation and is easy to clean with swivel function.

Case study

  • Food Pulverizing Facility

  • Frozen Vegetable feeding