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Powder and Granular Material Feeders PNEUMA CIRCLE PTC

Specialized type, using an ejector, for pneumatic conveyance applications

Specially designed to deliver slaked lime and activated carbon to remove or neutralize harmful gas and dioxin.

  1. Feeding and pneumatic transportation of very small quantity: 0.2 liter/hour
  2. Very stable feeding rate because of newly invented metering mechanism
  3. Suppliable from one Pneuma-Circle to 4 different lines at the same time
  4. Free from air leakage

With the Circle Feeder PTC series, stable feeding is constantly maintained by the uniform-rate feeding mechanism provided in the discharge section, while bridging is also eliminated. This is a series of exclusive uniform-rate feeders for pneumatic conveyance, with the ejector employed for prevention of backflow.


Model PTC-300 PTC-1000
A 0.2~1.4

B 1.0~7.0
C 6.0~40 6.0~40
D 30~200 30~200
E 70~400 70~400
Approximate mass w/h 1 port (kg) 170 490
# of outlet ports 1~4

※PTC-500/700 type are also available.

  • Specifications are subject to change for improvement or from necessity of properties of material.
  • Capabilities shown above are per exhaust port.
  • For more capability, please contact.
  • Main construction in stainless steel 304, carbon steel and others available.

Technical Videos

  • Stable pneumatic transportation with ejector

    Pneuma-Circle PTC exclusive to pneumatic transportation using the ejector mechanism. Most suitable for stable pneumatic transportation of powder of a very small quantity.

Case study

  • Incineration Facility