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Powder and Granular Material Feeders CFD

Specialized type for dust collectors  

Upper temperature limit: 900 degrees C

You will be no longer worried about clogging in a dust collector !!

  1. Low cost type of discharger with limited specifications and usage.
  2. Light-weight and compact in construction with reduced height.
  3. Eliminate bridging thanks to a unique principle and technology of discharging.
  4. Less drive power and cost saving.

If you have currently problems like clogging or height of the system, here is a quick solution that is possible with " D Series".

Standard specifications: N type for material temperature under 80 degrees Celsius.
Heat resistant air cooled: HA type for material temp. under 250 deg. C.
Heat resistant water cooled: HW type for material temp. under 360 deg. C.


Model CFD-1000 CFD-2400
Designed feed rate (m3/h) 6.0 ~ ~ 12
Approximate weight (kg) 300 1350
Heat resistant specification N type N / HA / HW

※CFD-1200/1400/1600/1800/2000/2200 type are also available.

  • Specifications are subject to change for improvement or from necessity of properties of material.
  • Above mentioned capability is based on height of dust collected in a hopper at 0.5 meter. 
  • Rotary valves, dumper and others must be equipped to insulate heat from the discharger.
  • Heat resistant specifications more than 360 degrees Celsius with water cooling is also available.

Technical Videos

  • Save the total cost with limited heat-resistant temperature

    Exclusively used for discharge of dust at bag filter bottom area, with limited specifications of heat resistance under 220°C. The proven maximum heat resistant temperature is 900°C.

  • Heat-resistant Circle Feeder

    Water-cooled shaft and mount with 350°C heat resistant specifications. Loaded material is nickel with high bulk specific gravity.

Case study

  • Incineration Facility

  • Heat Resistant Specs