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The unique initial dissolution system enables thorough dissolution.

Stable feeding is key for a dissolution unit.

  1. The unique initial dissolution system enables thorough dissolution.
  2. The use of a condensation prevention chute allows stable feeding.

N Type: Standard specifications

  • Dissolves the material fed at a fixed rate, in water fed through a constant flow-rate valve.
  • Limiting functions to those needed means reduced prices.
  • A mounted Circle Feeder enables stable, bridge-free feeding.

P Type: High-performance specifications

  • Monitors water supply to control the powder feed-rate in proportion to the water flow-rate (proportional feed-rate control).
  • A touch panel screen allows the monitoring of dissolved volume with a simple operation.
  • The mounted Circle Feeder enables stable, bridge-free feeding.


Model YPD-05 YPD-10 YPD-20 YPD-30
Tank capacity 0.5m3 1.0m3 2.0m3 3.0m3
Consentration(※1) 0.1~0.2 wt%
Powder feeder Circle Feeder CF-200AS
Power source 3φ AC200/220V 50/60Hz
  • Specifications are subject to change for improvement or from necessity of properties of material.
  • Specifications (Common in both P and N types).
  • Other specifications not listed in the above chart can be also handled.

※1.Dissolution concentration varies with the material's physical property.
※2.For N types, please supply dry air.

Technical Videos

  • High polymer dissolution system N-type

    Powder dissolution system equipped with the Circle Feeder for the feeding section as standard. By stable powder feeding and agitation, stable and complete dissolution is realized.

  • Polymer Dissolution System

    Renewal of the coagulant dissolution system YPD. By the original dissolution method, dissolution is achieved without undissolved lump (PAT.).

  • Special Specifications YPD-60PT

    The proportional powder feed-rate control makes it possible to feed powder uniformly. The effect is increased with increase in the powder feeding amount. The Circle Feeder is provided at the powder feeding section.

Case study

  • Water Purification Facility