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Measuring system with weighing controller, a system to perform high precision feeding of difficult-to-handle materials continuously, or batchwise.

Using Circle Feeder technology, the system provides continuous uniform-rate feeding even of difficult-to-discharge materials with poor fluidity.

  1. Mass flow and uniform-rate feeding are realized.
  2. Bridge and segregation of materials is prevented.
  3. Lower requirement for drive power.
  4. Dischargeable of very difficult-to-handle materials.
  5. Less noise and vibration.

The loss-in-weight continuous uniform-rate feeding system (LWF series) is equipped with a loss-in-weight controller customized especially for the Circle Feeder. Even powders of very low fluidity can be discharged continuously at a uniform rate with high precision.


Model LWF-200S LWF-700S
Designed feed rate (m3/h) 0.084 ~ ~ 2.3
Accessories load cells, summing box, controller etc

※LWF-300S/500S type are also available.

  • Specifications are subject to change for improvement or from necessity of properties of material.
  • Main construction in stainless steel 304, carbon steel and others available.
  • For more capability, please contact.

Technical Videos

  • CIRCLE FEEDER + Σ loss-in-weight system

    Circle Feeder for recharge with multiple units of S for measuring connected. Even for powder with bridging property, high accuracy measuring and feeding are realized.

  • YOSHIKAWA Loss-in-weight system

    The CF loss-in-weight system feeds powder particles with high accuracy while preventing bridging and segregation in the hopper.

  • Introducing Circle Feeder® with special specification

    Model based on the small-sized Circle Feeder with the measuring function attached. Casing open/close type easy to clean.

Case study

  • Proportional Mixing of Materials

  • Loss-In-Weight System