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Compact Feeders MINI FEEDER MF

Compact feeder, ideal for powders with poor fluidity

Feeder that can feed, at a very low rate and small quantity, powder materials that are usually difficult to discharge.

  1. Dischargeable of materials with poor fluidity.
  2. Compact and simple construction.
  3. Feeder for small quantity.
  4. Accurate feed rate.
  5. Rotation speed to change feed rate is conveniently variable with controller.
  6. Speedy disassembling and easy cleaning.

The Mini Feeder is a compact, uniform-rate powder feeder that features simple construction, allowing easy disassembly and cleaning.


Model MF-100 MF-250
Designed feed rate (m1/min) 15 ~ ~ 1833
Materials SUS304 / Al
Attachments VVVF or manually operate box
Type Remote control or Hand operation

MF-150/200 type is also available.

  • Specifications are subject to change for improvement or from necessity of properties of material.
  • For more capability, please contact.

Technical Videos

  • MINI-ACE (MA) Compact, Uniform-Rate Powder Feeder

    MINI-ACE (MA) is most suitable for feeding a very small quantity of powder with poor fluidity. The simple structure makes disassembly and maintenance easy.

  • Sesame

    Discharging conditions of sesame cultivated for foods, medicines and industrial use

  • Copper powder

    Difficult material properties to stable discharge with poor flowing

Case study

  • Pellet Manufacturing Facility