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Compact Feeders DELTA DF

Pulsation-free feeder of a simple construction

High precision of ±0.5% is realized without using a measuring unit.

  1. Extremely compact, simple construction.
  2. Continuous volumetric feeding.
  3. Wide range of feeding rate, 1ml per minute at minimum.
  4. High accuracy (Criterion 0.5%).
  5. Easily changeable feeding rate with a use of a compact, speed-adjustable motor.
  6. Effortless disassembling and easy cleaning.

The Delta is a compact, uniform-rate powder feeder capable of feeding with high precision of ±0.5% without using a measuring unit.
Simple construction allows for effortless disassembly and easy cleaning.


Model DF-100
Designed feed rate (ml/min) 12 ~ 120
Feed Accuracy ±0.5%
Material SUS304
  • Specifications are subject to change for improvement or from necessity of properties of material.
  • For more capability, please contact.

Technical Videos

  • Metallic Powders

    Can handle metallic powder materials with poor fluidity and heavy bulk density.

  • Sharpening Stone Powder

    Delta DF realizes a high precision of ±0.5% without the need for a measuring unit.

  • Polishing agent

    As the abrading agent is very hard and abrasive, attention needs to be paid to the properties of the feeder to be used.