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Environmental Principles and Environmental Policy

Environmental Principles

Based on its management philosophy, Yoshikawa Corporation recognizes that the sustainable conservation of our global environment is vital to all humanity, and is determined to fulfill its social responsibility to reduce environmental impact in local and global environmentally-conscious business operations.

Environmental Guidelines

The promotion of environmentally conscious processes in business operations

Through our businesses in the field of feeding powder and granular materials, we support our customers to improve efficiency and energy conservation in their production activities, and thereby contribute to reducing environmental impact. We also ensure environmentally-conscious operations in our business through the following approach:

  1. The promotion of energy conservation: employment of energy saving equipment, reduction and control of maximum demand power, etc.
  2. The promotion of environmentally-sound procurement: green procurement, etc.
  3. The promotion of resource saving: reduction in raw material loss and waste, promoting paperless processes, etc.

Collaboration with local communities and suppliers

We fully participate in environmental conservation activities in the local community to promote environmental protection. We also convey this policy to suppliers and subcontractors involved in our business and collaborate with them in implementation.

Compliance with laws and regulations

We adhere to inhouse standards, industry standards, laws, regulations and rules related to environmental conservation, and strive for the protection of the environment.

Cultivation of environmental awareness

To improve and maintain awareness of environmental conservation, we promote awareness-building activities that keep our employees well informed of its importance throughout our company structure.