Dissolve Unit of Powdery Flocculant

Ideal for dissolving flocculants, slaked lime and other powders and liquids.PAT.

Special powder feeder

Stable feeding of material is the key to the dissolution unit.
1.Unique initial dissolution system enables thorough dissolution.
2.Development of condensation prevention chute allows for stable supply.
Standard specifications (N type) and high-performance specifications (P type) are available.
Dissolves the material fed at a fixed rate in the water fed through a constant flow-rate valve.
Monitors water supply and controls material feed-rate in proportion to the water flowrate (Proportional Feedrate Control).



Specifications (Common in both P and N types)

Model YPD-05 YPD-10 YPD-20 YPD-30
Tank capacity 0.5m3 1.0m3 2.0m3 3.0m3
Consentration(1) 0.1~0.2 wt%
Powder feeder Circle Feeder CF-200AS
Power source 3φ AC200/220V 50/60Hz

The specifications are subject to change for improvement, or from necessity of properties of material.
Specifications (Common in both P and N types)
Other specifications not listed in the above chart can be also handled.
1.Dissolution concentration varies with the material's physical property.

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